• Magnum auto, window mount

Magnum auto, window mount

Product Code: 001288

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Big and strong, Magnum is Supra’s heavy-duty KeyBox. Its thicker sidewalls, strengthened locking mechanism, and recessed lid design all contribute to Magnum’s durability. The large key compartment is perfect for holding large keys alongside a keyless entry fob. Magnum utilizes the Title key system to bring you Supra’s one-key convenience. Title keys are cut in-house through a proprietary method that cannot be copied. Magnum locks can be keyed to match the codes on your Indigo and Max KeyBoxes, so you can enjoy Supra’s one-key convenience.

Supra Magnum 

Durable Supra Magnum is configured to be hung in the window of a vehicle. Its tamper-resistant lid fits a large keybox to hold more keys and a remote. You have the option of adding a personalized nameplate which will reduce lost or misplaced KeyBoxes. 

Industrial Magnum 

The permanent-mount version of Magnum can be mounted on a wall, pole, or any flat surface where strength and weather-resistance are as important as convenient key storage.

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